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What on Earth ... ?

Thanks for stopping by to visit my li'l corner of the world! The table of contents on the left should help you find your way. This page is undergoing some turmoil, otherwise known as "construction," and improvements are onthe way.

"Hey, Occula, where'd you get that funny name?" No, I wasn't born with it; it's from one of my favorite books, Maia. Read all about it!

Stop by my main science fiction page for a look at the life and works of the grand master, the late Robert A. Heinlein.

Looking for some ideas on what to read? Have a look at the reading list I started keeping at the beginning of 1998, complete with brief reviews of most of the books. (this is in the process of being updated, but you can check out the archives in the meantime.)

I hope you have fun here. Loved it? Hated it? Couldn't navigate it? Tell me what you think! Comments? Questions? Tirades? E-mail 'em to me! And don't forget to sign myguestbook, please!

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